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Whitney Wolfe Herd Successful in Professional and Personal Life As Well

Most people do not forget the year they got married as it holds a special place in their heart. But, there are also a few people who are not only are successful in their love life but their professional life as well. One such person is Whitney Wolfe Herd. The creator and CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, was featured in the Forbes list of powerful women under 30 and was on the cover of their magazine in December 2017. She also recently launched two offshoots of her company, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz that are being accepted open-heartedly by her users. For her, her professional achievement is something that she would cherish for a lifetime and be recognized for that is just an icing on the cake.

Whitney Wolfe Herd started Bumble in a small room along with a small team that believed in her vision. No one thought that she would be this successful in her professional life as there were already hundreds of dating apps online. She worked hard to set Bumble apart from other dating apps by making it women-centric that no one has ever done before. Most of the other dating app was mostly targeted to men and allowed anyone to make the first move. It was mainly the men who made the first step, and it led many women to feel rejected. But, Bumble put this power in the hands of the women, and it is them who can select the ones they want to talk to. The woman needs to start the conversations, or the connection that they make is rejected.

Whitney Wolfe Herd came from a privileged background, but that didn’t stop her from following her dreams. She grew up with her sister and parents in Salt Lake City area and attended private schools. She went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas and earned her international studies degree. It was during her college years that the entrepreneur light ignited in her. After a few years, she established her own dating app and has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US. Bumble crossed $100 million in sales in the year 2017, and the profits are expected to double in the coming year. The company has also dropped many takeover plans by other large companies even though they were valued at $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe Herd wants to take Bumble to newer heights, and it is quite possible due to her hard work and her dedication to work.