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National Steel Car Is Booming Thanks To Greg Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has tirelessly served as National Steel Car’s chief executive officer for National Steel Car. During his time, he has served as their chairman of the board as well as chairman for other companies.


Greg James Aziz is from Hamilton Ontario, the same place NSC calls home.


Greg Aziz always dreamed of gaining a degree in business and attended Western University. He would put his economic skills to good use during his time as Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc.


Because Greg Aziz is such a wise leader, National Steel Car recently celebrated its 100th birthday in business. The reason this occurred is because of several wise practices.


Gregory James Aziz understood that National Steel Car could not continue growing based on its past achievements. He began instilling a vision of innovation within the company and challenge them to continue growing.


This vision of excellence allowed National Steel Car to create a process of efficiency that is unparalleled in any other rail company. This persistent pursuit of innovation has guaranteed that National Steel Car will remain as North America’s top choice in railway transport.


During the 100th year celebration of business, Gregory James Aziz took the time to thank those who made National Steel Car such a success. He thanked customers for their continued support throughout the years. He gave gratitude to suppliers who stood by them since their founding. Lastly, he acknowledged that the vision of excellence permeates his 2000-member workforce and through their labor, National Steel Car became the best company possible. It was through their commitment that National Steel Car is still a trusted brand today. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Gregory James Aziz has shown that he is not just passionate about his workforce but also about protecting the environment. National Steel Car helped the Parliament of Canada pass environmental regulations that made the railway sector safer and stronger. These increased safety measures led to fewer rail car accidents and injuries among workers. Gregory James Aziz warmly welcomes these changes. View Related Info Here.

In addition to these things, Gregory James Aziz has been able to lower the gas emissions produced by his railcars. He has been able to do this by a total of 90%. This allows him to transport goods further, faster, and with more confidence than any other railcar industry company. It is no wonder that business analysis say National Steel Car will last another 100 years.