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Waiakea Water Brings the Fresh Taste of the Hawaiian Islands to the Masses

With all the bottled water companies out there, it may be hard to find a brand that is truly original. However, there is one bottle watered company that can boost something others wish they could claim. And that company is Waiakea Water who brings the fresh taste of Hawaiian water to everyone around the world.

So what makes Waiakea Water special? First of all, the water is filtered in one of the cleanest places on Earth. Hawaii’s exotic location allows the company to create some of the freshest water a human can hope to consume. That means the water itself has a higher PH level than most water. You see, bottle water typically actually has an acidic PH level between 4 and 7. Tap water has a PH level of 8 which is considered neutral. Waiakea Water has a PH level of 8.8, giving the water a smooth taste. The alkalinity of Waiakea Water makes it the choice of many health-conscious people.

Now, let’s talk about the bottles themselves. Did you know that most water bottles take over 1,000 years to degrade? That brings great harm to the environment. As a Hawaiian-based company that holds great respect for Mother Earth, every bottle of Waiakea Water is quickly degradable. That means the consumer can enjoy their bottle of Waiakea Water without fear of harming the environment.

Finally, Waiakea Water is a company that has not forgotten its roots. For every bottle of water purchased, the company donates a week’s supply of fresh water to the people in need in Malawi. That means the customer can feel good about every purchase of Waiakea Water.

While there are literally hundreds of bottled water companies on the market, Waiakea Water can claim to bring their water from the fresh, pure lands of the Hawaiian Islands. With a favorable PH level, environmentally friendly packaging and an ongoing outreach program to those in need of fresh water, Waiakea Water is changing the world of bottled water across the planet.

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