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Ronald Fowlkes: An Experienced Community Leader

Most business development managers come with a background in business education, working beneath mentors who direct them, or have been groomed to fit a specific business’ needs. While these are beneficial, sometimes people overlook one significant quality of a business development manager; experience. Not only is experience in the specific work field useful, but those with experience provide real world resolutions to unforeseen problems that can inevitably arise. Ronald Fowlkes comes with an extensive background in his field, and he uses all of his experience to ensure that his businesses are always projected successfully.


With military background working on JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization), which is a supportive section of the military designed to reduce threats of bombs to our troops, tactical training in questioning of detained individuals, and running rescue missions throughout his military career, Fowlkes has a wide variety of military background that makes him a capable performer. If this background isn’t enough to qualify him as experienced in his field, he has also served as a law enforcer within his community for the last thirteen years. Clearly, Fowlkes interest is within protecting citizens and their rights.


Fowlkes has decided to take his example and use it as a model for others. Currently, he is a certified instructor for SWAT and URBAN tactics. He has been paramount in preparing teams for hostage situations, barricades, or other types of city warfare tactics needed inside urban, high-risk situations. On top of protecting his community when in danger, he also helps train for preventative measures such as illegal gun trafficking or dangerous drugs. His experience in military training proves valuable as he sends more, highly-trained and skilled heroes, out to defend and protect communities that are struggling to turn themselves around.


Aside form his military, law enforcement, and training experience, Fowkles is also a loving father who spends his free time coaching his son’s hockey team. It is rare that people find the time to invest in their communities’ wellbeing, and the future of the youth within the community. He clearly leads his trainees by example, modeling what it means to be an active father and an active part of his community.


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