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Samuel Strauch The Rising Star In Miami Real Estate

The maturity of the real estate sector in Miami is greatly favored by the availability of beaches. Many luxury homes are coming up along the beach. The view offered by the beach houses are a great determinant of the pricing. The price is also determined by the position of the house within the community and most importantly the size of the house.

Over the past one year, the prices of houses per square meter have tripled in Miami. The region has seen to the development of its infrastructure. The infrastructural development has to a very large extent attracted many potential investors. Consequently, Miami has thus become a promising business center as well as an attractive place to own a home.

With the widespread economic instability worldwide, the people living in Miami have been reluctant to invest in real estate sector, they opt for more short-term income-generating investment. This has however not deterred foreign investors to claim a stake at the promising investment opportunity in Miami. The foreign investors claim 36% of all real estate sector investments.

Many real estate agents have come up in Miami Florida. Samuel Strauch is one such real estate agent. Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate for over fourteen years now. Mr. Samuel has been ranked among the top 12% of the best real estate agents in Miami and boasts of being part of the most skilled agents to easily sell a house.

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University before joining Erasmus University and later Harvard University where he completed his business degree. His education background is one of the attributing factors towards his success in the business venture. Before joining his family Real Estate Company, he worked for several years as a banker. Mr. Samuel has worked in the different fields of the Real Estate industry mostly based in Latin America and South Florida.

Samuel Strauch has developed his expertise since 2002 from a humble company he began as the Affinity Realty Group. He has a wide array of skills in investment, real estate and all forms of marketing. Mr. Strauch resilience and skill has seen to his company’s growth and development to become what is currently known as the METRIK Real Estate. METRIK has its operations in more than one state in the US. The real estate industry in Florida has been listed as one of the most promising sector in the next decade. METRIK under Samuel Strauch remains a major leader in the real estate industry.

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