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The Oxford Club Hopes To Guide Members Through The Obstacles Of Investing

The Oxford Club may not be a name known to millions but for the approximately 80,000 members of this publishing and investing group the brand has become go-to when looking to make money in the financial markets. There are many different ways to join and enjoy the benefits of The Oxford Club including learning financial and investing strategies from the magazines and newsletters published by the brand or to join the exclusive band of investors who have access to all the tools created by this impressive group of investment specialists.

Under the leadership of CEO, Julie Guth and the impressive team of financial experts working at management levels The Oxford Club has developed a series of membership options to suit the needs of the majority of investors; the three tiers of membership include the introductory level offering access to many of the benefits offered. Two more levels of membership are also available offering lifetime membership and access to increasing amounts of the resources created to build a successful portfolio and future for themselves and their family.

The Oxford Club was created in 1991 by William Bonner as The Passport Club in 1989 with a mission of developing a small network of investors who would work together to build an educational program focused on providing financial investment advice for like-minded investors. William Bonner developed his small network of investors after creating his own successful financial strategies as the founder of The Agora Companies which has now grown to become a $1 billion business.

Many investors make the mistake of looking to the mainstream media for their investment advice and follow investment options already forgotten about by the world’s leading investors. Instead, The Oxford Club believes sending its own group of researchers and investment specialists to source new investments offers the best opportunity to create a strong investment portfolio.

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