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Robert Thikoll-The Role of Human Relationships in the Digital Era

In an era that technology seems to control almost every type of human activity from business, marketing, and education to healthcare, Robert Thikoll, the Vice President of the $13 billion worldwide company, Ingersoll Rand, emphasizes that human relationships still hold a crucial role in entrepreneurship. ” Despite the massive technological innovations and excellent information flow to any part of the world in minutes, human interaction still determines success or failure at both the individual and corporate level,” says Thikoll.

Daily Management for Business Success

Robert Thikoll adds that every business activity revolves around people. As a productive entrepreneur, Thikoll identifies daily management as the core value of any profitable investment. People in business should set targets and record the progress towards the established goals every day. The review of the wins or losses can help to show the gap between the set targets and the business achievements. To Robert Thikoll, once the investor identifies the gaps, a quick fix as well as a problem-solving strategy to countermeasure the failures must follow.

While outlining the methods that make businesses to grow, Thikoll recommends that once he joins a new team, first, he will seek to understand the problems the group faces, and the strategies the team uses to solve the challenges. After Thikoll understands the problem, the next course of action is to tailor his skills and experience to a particular company. “However, you cannot impose your ideas and vision,” advises Thikoll. Only good interpersonal relationships can make your ideas acceptable.

How Robert Thikoll developed his Winning Culture

Between 2000 and 2015, Robert was the vice president in charge of global operations for the Indianapolis-based Danaher’s Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. At Danaher, Thikoll won several awards. Before 2000, Rob had an eight-year service with the Aisin Takaoka, a company that supplies Toyota cars. At Ingersoll Rand’s, Thiokoll’s responsibilities include operational excellence, provision of thought leadership, and identification of lean objectives to achieve a winning culture.

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