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Norman Pattiz Innovative Nature.

Norman Pattiz, Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne and Tom Webster the Vice president of Edison Research respectively announced the outcome of a comprehensive, inclusive study of the advertising by podcasts. The tests involved the use of five essential customer brands known nationally. The products cut across five different services and products categories. The first research of pre and post promotion brand was done for six months in 2016. The results of the research study showed a significant positive effect of podcast’s advertisement on the brand sell, desire to buy and remembrance of specific messaging.

The results revealed the following. First, more than sixty percent of the auditors acknowledged particular grocery brand after the promotion got carried and an increase from seven percent of the listeners accepted it before the campaign. Secondly, there was an increase in the awareness of the product without any assistance before the research was done to after the study was done by thirty-seven percent for automobile after-market product, by forty-seven percent for products of financial services and twenty-four for garden and grass products. After the research, over a third of the respondent had encouraging views of automobile aftermarket merchandise. In itself, this was an increase from eighteen percent before the investigation got undertaken. The awareness of a particular advisement slogan message for car aftermarket product increased from before the study and after the survey by sixty percent while for informal dining restaurant increased by seventy-six percent.

In 2016 Edison Research carried out three particular kinds of research for PodcastOne to look at the effectiveness of podcast marketing campaigns for five countrywide brands. A small number of the labels were already known, but they were setting up new messaging whereas others were not well known, but they were looking for the ways to increase their awareness. In all those cases online surveys for the audience of various leading podcasts were done prior the advertising campaigns commenced and after each brand had been advertised for a period of four to six weeks on the podcasts. The results revealed that the podcast’s audience welcomed the brand messages and expressed a desire to buy those brands.

Norman Pattiz has established many companies apart from PodcastOne. Some of the agencies that he has established include the Westwood which under his stewardship emerged the biggest provider of news, entertainment, and sports in America. Norman also founded the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. The company aimed to produce then distribute perfect programming. As a result of unexhausted opportunity in the audio industry, Norman founded the PodcastOne in 2012.