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Family members love Securus Technologies’ video visitation system

In the prison industry, it is often talked about how the revolution that has taken place over the last 20 years in inmate communications technologies has helped inmates in so many ways. But inmates are not the only ones who have been greatly helped by these new advancements in technologies. The families of those who have been sentenced to long terms of incarceration have also been victims of poor inmate communication options in the past. But today, technologies like Securus Technologies’ video visitation systems are changing the ways in which family members are able to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones.


Prior to the advent of video visitation, a system that uses high-fidelity video feeds and high-speed internet access to closely simulate the experience of an in-person visitation, family members were often forced to travel hundreds of miles away from their home to visit their incarcerated loved ones. This often entailed huge expenses. Many of these families are below the poverty threshold. This means that these were exorbitant cost that very few of them could bear without serious financial stress.


As a result, it was not uncommon for criminals to spend the entirety of their incarceration completely isolated from their own family members. This was particularly hard on the children of incarcerated fathers, who number almost 2.7 million in the United States today. But those children are now able to keep their fathers in their lives with the advent of video visitation. With average video visitation calls only costing $0.15 per minute on Securus’ system, most inmates are able to stay in nearly constant contact with their loved ones, alleviating much of the stress of being separated by long terms of incarceration.


These are just some of the ways in which Securus’ video visitation technology is making the lives of families better.