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Waiakea Water’s Ethical Efforts Rewarded with Recognition

Lava may flow quickly from an active volcano but the fast flowing water spewing from the volcanic rocks of Mauna Loa on Hawaii’s Big Island is bringing success to the Waiakea Water brand. Founder Ryan Emmons has spent the better part of five years building a profitable business from the natural waters found in the volcano site which has also become one of the most sustainable and philanthropic exercises in the world; the success and natural good health provided by this volcano filtered water has led to Waiakea Water being named one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the world in the view of Inc. Magazine. Emmons has often stated a sign of the success his brand is achieving would be its naming to the Inc. Magazine list and believes the arrival on the 2017 list from Inc. is a sign of the ongoing success his sustainable brand is achieving at all times.

Waiakea Water was established in 2012 after Ryan Emmons had found a way to remove less than one percent of the daily level of water returned to the source each day through natural means. Maintaining a protecting the environment is a key part of the work of Waiakea Water as the company is always looking for new ways of developing its success for the future; the company reports the sites it uses have a potential yield of around 740 million gallons per day in areas where around 1.5 billion gallons of water are recharged into the ecosystem each day.

Protecting the planet also means bringing healthy, clean water to as many people around the globe as possible through the donation of bottled water and the creation of new programs to assist those without access to clean water. Waiakea Water has been working alongside the Pump Aid charity to bring clean water to rural areas of Africa.

Changing the way the world sees sustainable business practices has been a major part of the work completed by Waiakea Water in publicizing its accounting framework to its customers. Founder Ryan Emmons believes this business model will assist in maintaining sustainable practices to the company and the bottled water industry as a whole.

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