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Donald Trump Applauds Hussain Sajwani: Like Minds Attract

When President Donald Trump publicly applauded Hussain Sajwani on a New Year eve get-together, many failed to acknowledge the fact that they are men of like minds. Although they have had strong business ties both in the past and in recent times, these men intimacy goes beyond just business. They have a passionate liking for each other. Even their business lines look similar. Greater details on these will provide a clearer picture of the topic in question.


The relationship between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has extended to members of their families. Their wives and children now take out time to be with one another, having dinner together and visiting one another right in at homes. This is beyond business ties. It is thus no surprise that Sajwani could create time to be with the President at the turn of a year and was excited when Trump won the presidential election.


Some people make the mistake of reading solely business interest to the cordiality between the two men since Trump entered the White House. It should be remembered that both have been great pals even before Trump contemplated going into politics. As far back as 2013 before any body could predict that Trump will one day contest for a political post. Hussain Sajwani and his company, DAMAC Properties, had been in the good books of the Trump’s family far back to that time. The company developed a couple of golf courses for Trump in 2013.


Coming to their business lines, both men have many things in common. The DAMAC owner owns and runs a number of luxury international-standard hotels in Dubai and key cities in the Middle East. These hotels have long remained the preferred choice of tourists and visitors to the region. The same can be said of Donald Trump, he also operates luxury hotels in the United State long before he entered into politics.


It is worthy of note that both men are die-hard philanthropists with several charity foundations to their credit. To them, it is just a way of giving back to the society. The Hussain Sajwani family recently donated AED two million for the clothing of a million deprived children in the Middle East.


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