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Cleansing Conditioner, The Right Choice For Your Hair

Day to day, people search for the product that is best for their hair needs. Your hair could be brittle, frizzy, coarse, lack luster/shine or maybe to straight with no body or bounce. Regardless of the issue, there may be one solution that has been in front of us the whole time. Cleansing conditioner could be the product for majority of needs for all hair types.

Cleansing conditioners have many benefits that tend to be overlooked. They generally contain little to no chemicals or sulfate. A product with no sulfate is such a good thing because that is the ingredient that strips your hair oils. Without natural oils, your hair becomes dry causing breaking, split ends and even strips out your color. By using a cleansing conditioner, you’re leaving behind nutrients and proteins your hair needs to remain healthy. They are great for curly and coarse hair because they help to prevent frizz as well. They give your hair extra moisture which keeps your hair silky and smooth. Cleansing conditioners are also a great option for men who tend to use shampoo most often. It is a much healthier alternative that uses one simple step to save time and protect hair.

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One amazing product line that offers top-shelf cleansing conditioners is Wen by Chaz Dean. Mr. Dean started his hair career in Los Angeles, where he became manager of a popular salon in Bel-Air. He later bought the salon, renamed it to the Chaz Dean salon and moved it to Hollywood. He set out to make a product that was perfect for all hair types and needs so he created Wen.

Wen Hair offers multiple different styling products and cleansing conditioners for all hair types. Prices of the products range from 30$ to 80$ for the basic kits and single bottles. His conditioners are virtually easy to apply. You add a certain number of pumps to your hair after a thorough rinse, leave the product in for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse the conditioner out completely. Repeat this process using half of the suggested amount to ensure best results.

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