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Age Is Just A Number For Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is by far one of the youngest entrepreneurs there is. At the age of 17, he became the Project Manager for the Meriwether Group, founded by his father. His contributions at the company is huge. He is a big asset to the company. He is responsible for making sure projects that the company are apart of are handled properly.

Throughout his years in high school, he centered his studies around finance and business courses and internships. In addition to working for the firm, he plans on going to college to major in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University. He is well beyond his years. He has experience in dealing with and working through complicated spreadsheets. He is well versed in customer service and business.

Sawyer Howitt Gives Back

Sawyer Howitt also gives back to his community through organizations. He takes part in mentoring at-risk youth, providing guidance to different international ethnic groups, and working with women’s rights.

Sawyer Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Characteristics

Sawyer Howitt has the mindset of an entrepreneur. He wants to help others become entrepreneurs as well. He is determined to be successful. He knows what it takes to be apart of a team and have a common goal. He goes to work everyday, ready to take on any tasks that comes his way. Howitt plans on making groundbreaking moves. His future is so bright that he might have to wear shades!

Read Sawyer Howitt’s WordPress blog for more information.